Keep control over your data
Manage data and processes related to your listeners, on-air games, prizes, events... And much more!
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Control of your data
Save time by centralizing your data on a single platform.
Your data is hosted and processed in a secure Cloud in France.
100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
A Must Have!
Adopt best practices to better manage your data and business processes.
Generate detailed statistics on your data in order to make better decisions for your teams or even your network.
The advantages of tailor-made
Design your own database with the flexibility and power of No-Code/Low-Code without development knowledge.
Manage all the business processes you want: list of listeners, air games, endowments, traffic information, music research, events ... The only limit is your imagination!
Trigger actions to be performed based on conditions that you define.
And even more...
Let your listeners, your customers, your partners enter their sensitive data themselves through their web browser.
Easily import your existing data (Excel file, ...).
Connect your website, Facebook account, or any other tool to our platform using an API (REST).
My name is Damien and I am 37 years old.
My passion for radio and IT punctuates my days and the idea of offering you a service such as RadioUtility was obvious.
As the other would say, I fell into the pot of the radio, 20 years ago now.

Many people and radio stations have contributed to this great adventure! (Flotteurs FM, Radyonne, Sweet FM, Flash FM, Latitude, Resonance...).

My life is also IT, I have been developing applications/websites for more than 10 years for myself and in ESN.
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